Heteroflexibility: What Exactly Is It? August 11, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, LGBTQ, News

There are a lot of terms that are being thrown around nowadays when it comes to alternative sexualities or at least sexual desires that tend to differ from the mainstream in some way or form. One of these terms is hetero-flexibility, and it is usually applied to women (although there are quite a few men who will admit that they fall into this camp).

In most cases, those who define themselves as “heteroflexible” will tend to be individuals who can be seen as primarily heterosexual but, in some form or another, are also interested in same-sex interaction.

Heteroflexibility: A Sexual Fetish?

A lot of people who call themselves hetero-flexible will often take part in the following scenarios: they’ll have a partner of the opposite gender, however when single they’ll still be interested in sexual encounters with those of the same gender, whether this is out of their own desire or whether it is simply out of convenience.

This can often be seen with women at swinger’s parties: they’ll usually have a male partner, but happily participate in a female-female-male threesome, as well as interact with another woman on a sexual level, if it pleases their partner.

Heteroflexibility and Men

Heteroflexibility with men can be more of a touchy subject, particularly due to the stigma of being labeled as gay. There are a lot of men out there who have the occasional homosexual urge or the desire to explore certain things with other men, however they find it difficult due to it potentially tarnishing their heterosexual reputation (in this regard, it is often more acceptable for women to engage in same-sex activity without being labelled as lesbians).

Heteroflexibility is not as confusing a term as it seems: understanding the ins and outs will help you to get to terms with and see if it can enhance your own sexual experience!

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