Don’t Get Caught in The Great Outdoors September 25, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, News

There is nothing like sex outside, especially during the summer. Unfortunately, having sex in public tends to be a criminal offense and therefore you have to be careful if you decide to do this. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible: if you are careful, you will be able to do it quickly and efficiently (or slowly) so that you and your partner have a great time.

The trick, therefore, is trying to find the right time and place for it. Below are a couple of tips which will help you both get into the mood and ensure that you have great sex outdoors and as far away from people as possible… Whilst enjoying the fresh air!

Find a Place Far Away from People

The point of this is that you want to have sex out in the open air for a different kind of sensual experience. So, you’ll probably need to ensure that you are as far away from people as possible. If you have a car then simply take it and get out there. Drive out into the bush and make sure that you’re in a place which is not frequented by people. Anything that is far away from urban settlements will ensure that you’re both out of the eye of the authorities and any children that may be around.

Consider the Time

Timing is very important. It doesn’t matter where you are: even if you are out in the open in the countryside, it could be that there are people out going for walks. You can skip the above advice and go out into a city park, but doing so at night when there are fewer people around is also going to be a piece of advice you will want to keep in mind.

If you decide to go out and have sex on the beach then you will have the added benefit of tent walls… In addition, it will generally be cooler in the summer time so you will be able to enjoy the open breeze. This is something we cannot recommend enough!

Keep Your Clothes On

No matter how well hidden you are or think you are, two naked people humping each other is going to be very obvious. So, if you want to remain as discreet as possible, make sure that you both keep your clothes on! You can consider this to have a bit of kinky significance as well since it is possible to do it in plain sight (such as in an open-top car).

These are just a few tips which will help you get it on while outside. Of course, we would recommend that you check the local laws and try to stay away from places where there could be children! By making sure you know your rights and you minimise the risks as much as possible, you’ll be sure to have a great time with your partner and can do a lot for your sex life!

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