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Cross Dressing Service at Brothels

There are a lot of gradients in the cross-dressing spectrum so it’s wrong to classify those who love the feeling of skirts and stockings against their skin as either gay or a prostitute.

But there are countless documented cases where straight men are leading a double life, and they feel guilty about what they think is an abnormality and yet the compulsion is too strong it’s impossible to stop.

Cross-dressing is also part of the BDSM culture where mostly men wear women’s clothing in order to get off. It should be differentiated from a drag queen, which is often a term used for niche performers and entertainers (not necessarily gay). A cross-dresser on the other, hand, typically doesn’t want anybody else to know his secret.

Do Brothels Offer Cross-Dressing on Their Menu?

You would be surprised at what brothels do offer. These establishments—like the porn industry—exist to fulfill a fantasy. They are things that you don’t bring to your own bedroom. As to what type of brothel will depend on what type of service you want.

Cross-dressing escorts

If you want sex with a cross-dressing escort, there are brothels in Australia that offer that service. If you want a more private setting, visit escort directories like Where you can ask the escort directly if she or he would accommodate your fantasy.

Cross-dressing while being submissive

Role-playing is another option and sometimes easier to find. If you just bring your own clothes, we’re sure it can be arranged by the brothel to give you a partner that can fulfill your desires.

You may even borrow some of the clothes of the professionals inside the brothel.

Learning the art of cross-dressing

If you are a beginner to the cross-dressing game. Why not take advice from pros? Although there are certainly some home-based professionals who offer their service to beginners on the art of cross-dressing.

If you just want to unload all that burden of carrying a dark secret. Check out Gender Center.

You shouldn’t be dissuaded from visiting a brothel and informing the host of what you need. Finding somebody willing to listen and admire your looks in women’s clothing should be easy enough.

Your Secret is Safe

The beauty of going to the brothel for your cross-dressing fantasies is that your secret is left behind once you leave that door. No matter how embarrassing you think your secret is, know that all the people working in a sex establishment have dealt with all clients from all walks of life. There’s literally nothing out there that could shock them.

Being yourself is a high price to pay, as some cross-dressers found out. It may result in the dissolution of marriage, being ostracized by family and friends.

If you are not ready to make the big leap and come out of the closet. The brothel is the next best discreet thing.

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