Hiring Call Girls or Visiting Brothel Girls January 8, 2016 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

When you’re interested in enjoying the company of a quality escort, you’re faced with a few questions that only you can answer. The where of it, which escort you spend your time with and what occurs are the initial kinks you’ll work through before you get around to getting down. At any time of the day or night, you’ll have access to call girls or incall escorts, as well as brothels for you to visit. What some of us know, though, is that spending time at brothels can be a different kettle of fish to bookings with private escorts. One of those might be more your style while the other may not tickle your pickle at all. Let’s have a look at the differences between hiring call girls and visiting girls at a brothel.

The Difference between Hiring Call Girls and Spending Time at a Brothel

In no particular order, here are some of the notable variations between outcall escorts and escorts that are based at bordellos. We won’t consider each a pro or a con per se, as it’s totally up to you what you feel comfortable with and what you’re looking for. Or if you’re unsure, hopefully, you can use this to help you decide where to go.

Choosing Your Escort

Thanks to the internet, it’s only a few clicks before you’ve found the independent escort of your dreams. Some brothels will allow you to view their girls on their website and may even feature a live roster so you know who is working at any given time. You can then either call ahead and book with a certain girl or visit and take your pick on arrival. Some locations will do the ‘line-up’ – showing you all of the girls, allowing you to choose – this can be nerve-racking. Making a booking with a private escort means you’ve essentially found your ideal companion and know exactly what to expect.

Privacy and intimacy

At a brothel, you’re among many other escorts (aside from the one you’re spending time with) as well as patrons, security and reception. This may bother you, and it may not even register. Hiring a call girl to your location or visiting an independent girl at her place means you’ve got a little more privacy; it’s just the two of you and it’s more personal. If you’re seeking a GFE (girlfriend experience) being in a residence is probably favourable. It also gives you a decent chance at receiving the exact amount of time you’ve paid for. Nothing kills a mood more than being serviced by an impatient escort and hurried out the door.

Prices and Services

As mentioned earlier on, making a booking with a girl is slightly different to selecting an escort at the brothel. Encountering the line-up scenario means that after you’ve picked, and again this is unique to each business, you will have to have a chat with the escort. The two of you determine what, how long for and how much it’ll set you back. Some brothels have set rates by time spent, and a list of extras to choose from. You’ll still need to have the talk about what you want. Going to a private escort negates the need for this as it can be done before your booking via email, phone or SMS. No awkward conversations, no getting refused or charged for an extra you didn’t realise was an extra. In terms of price range, call girls are often more expensive than a visit to a brothel. An escort visiting the outskirts of a suburb in Melbourne will be more pricey than an escort visiting the Melbourne CBD.

Now that we’ve laid out the differences between brothel escorts and outcall or call girls, the way might hopefully be a little clearer for you. If you’re going to the effort of planning your visit or a date with an escort, use our directory of brothels and adult services to be sure that you don’t pick somewhere (or someone) that won’t meet your needs. Trust us, a few minutes of your time doing some research can make a world of difference.

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