Big Butts Shining Bright This Year December 30, 2015 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

We like big butts and we cannot lie

As the year 2015 comes to a close, let’s reflect on one of the biggest topics of the year – Big Butts!

We can’t figure out when the big booty came back, but Thank God, it did. Of course we’re only talking about women with big beautiful derrieres. A nice round and firm behind on a man is sexy too but let’s focus on the women today, shall we?

Maybe the whole big booty craze started from Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda or Kim Kardashian’s hashtag Break The Internet campaign and gained more momentum this year. Or maybe it was just hiding right under the surface before it blew up in all our faces. Nowadays, women are showing off their natural curves more than ever before. And most other women with a smaller or flatter fanny that mummy and daddy gave them are just itching to get enhancements.

Butt augmentation in the United States skyrocketed due to famous humps and how well they’re celebrated in the media. With the big butt blowout, breast enlargement surgeries have even decreased this year. So move over big boobs, it’s time for big butts to shine.

The media has romanticised the big beautiful booties of famous female celebrities while health professionals and critics are still trying to spread awareness of the physical risks and high costs of getting posterior padding. And apparently age isn’t a factor in butt augmentation surgery as a Miami surgeon mentioned that women from ages between 17 to even 70 come through his clinic every day.

Cosmetic surgeons are winning big with more celebrity and media attention on the backside, especially when the doctors themselves are joining online forums and reality TV to promote the trend. Nonetheless, with all the hype of big butts, women with less fuller behinds are feeling more insecure with themselves. So allow me to retract my statement at the beginning of this article.

We love butts of all shapes and sizes and we cannot lie.

Celebrate that booty, whether big or small. Whatever you got, flaunt it! Because, let’s all be honest here, we’re going to touch and squeeze those humps anyway ?

In the end, whether you have big or small butts, big or small breasts, curvy, skinny, athletic or petite body shapes, we should all praise and celebrate it. And whether it’s god-given or cosmetically enhanced, we’ll still love it the same. So be confident and flaunt it like there’s no tomorrow.

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