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Here’s how to Be a Better Top

Homosexual men use different words that pertain to their sexual roles. Those who are willing to receive anal penetration are called “bottom” . Men who perform the act of penetration are called “top”. Guys who can perform either of the two are called “versatile”. The role you play during sex indicates how willing you are to go beyond your normal sexual lunacy and how you identify yourself with what pleases you sexually.

Men who perform “top” roles are greatly responsible for keeping sex interesting because they give life to the act. They also have control over what the bottom needs to do and usually takes the lead in having that person perform what they want.

Your partner

To be a good top, you need to understand what pleases your sexual partner. This means being able to satisfy him with what you do and giving him an all-out performance that he surely will be craving for. There are various ways to do this, but being charismatic and confident about your sexual role will get you closer to making your “bottom” subdued.

Good Rimming

A good rim job is sometimes the precursor to penetration. So, when doing this, you need to be exceptionally good at it to keep your sex partner deeply enthralled. Also remember that a good rim job is more than just licking your bottom’s butthole, but is an art in itself.

You have to do different strokes if you want to keep your partner moaning. A light tap from your tongue will keep his butthole pounding and deliver a good sensation to your partner. The warmth of your tongue will also add to ecstasy your partner will feel to make him more relaxed and satisfied.

Using your breath and blowing your partner’s butthole will also add to a different kind of sensation. A combination of the warm and cool rush of air will keep his eyes rolling with pleasure. It will also relax the muscles of his asshole and keep him ready for intense pleasure.

A Rhythmic Thrust 

One thing that sets a good top apart from a sloppy one is how he penetrates his partner intently. Dick size isn’t even a question and it has nothing to do with a good performance. Many would tell you that a man with an average penis and know how to perform is far better than one with a huge tool but is mediocre in bed.

Consider pounding as an art and do it with varying speeds. Slamming your dick really hard can be deeply mind-blowing and keep his eyes rolling through it all. Keeping it slow from time to time and completely jackhammering your dick in his butthole will leave your bottom breathless at the end of it.

Jack-hammering is completely removing your entire dick from his ass hole and vigorously inserting it back. It can be an exhilarating sensation as your dick thrusts through his orifice taking him by surprise. A rhythmic thrust alternates between intense sex and gentle sex. It is one technique great “tops” understand and know how to perform.

Lube, Lube and Lube

Just use a lot of lube. Buy many bottles just in case you use up a whole one. Just make sure there is a LOT of lube.

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