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Adult services. What does that term actually mean? We can tell you exactly what it involves. SEX. They are a variety of services offered by adult industry workers that involve sex and other erotic pleasures of the flesh. There are many types of adult services available in Australia. In fact, let’s talk about these service providers in Australia.

Escort Services and Information

Escorts are one of the most popular adult services that Australia has on offer. Australian escorts can come to your home, hotel or in some cases, in the high-class end of the scale, accompany clients on dates, or on holidays. The services provided by working ladies vary, from social company and the girlfriend experience (GFE), or simply sex for money. In capital cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Melbourne there are many classifications of escorts. Independent escorts, high-class escorts, private escorts, escorts who work from a professional escort agency, escorts working from brothels, model escorts, International escorts, exotic escorts and other global touring escorts. These classifications are either self-proclaimed or dubbed by others but nevertheless they all ring true when an escort classifies herself as one or more than one classification.

Private, Independent Escort Pros and Cons

If an escort is independent or “private” it means she takes care of her own adult services marketing, calls, transport and security. An escort working from an agency has a business that takes bookings, arranges advertising and marketing for her, and generally provides a driver for security in case there are problems. If an escort works from a brothel, she also provides in-house services at the brothel, as well as visiting clients in their home or hotel.

Independent Escorts

The main reason a callgirl will “go private” is because she wants to get more of the money that she earn on the job. In many cases, an escort agency or brothel will take up to 50% of the escort’s earnings. If a sex worker is very confident, good at self-promotion, has a good telephone manner, has a lot of “regulars” (clients who book repeatedly and there is often a closeness between client and escort) and “extends” (when a client keeps the escort for longer than the original booking) he/she will probably do better working privately.

Safety for Sex Workers

It is probably safer for an escort to work through a brothel or agency unless she is able to organise a regular drive who acts as security if there are any problems. Once a sex worker arrives at the booking, she generally gets the payments and makes sure everything is fine and will call her driver that she is OK.

Etiquette for Escorts Going “Private”

Escort agencies make a lot of money from “their girls” and so are very protective of this income. It is considered disloyal if an escort decides to work privately, so sex workers looking to work privately need to be careful how they handle the transition and make sure they aren’t seen to “steal” clients. A working girl should ideally build an independent client base herself, through traditional advertising, building a high-quality, search engine optimised website with beautiful photography, effective digital marketing and social media marketing.

What Do Aussie Escort Services Include?

Escorts in Australia offer adult services that include, and not limited to, fantasy/role play, girlfriend experience (GFE), anal play, boyfriend experience, porn star experience (PSE), threesome (MFF or MMF), oral sex, anal sex (this is considered a specialty), erotic massage, kissing (many working girls don’t do this for personal reasons), BDSM, cross-dressing, striptease, playing with sex toys, dinner dates and overnight stays. There are many sex terms of services not listed in this post.

In-House Adult Services

Other adult services can be found within adult massage parlours or erotic massage parlours and brothels. In erotic massage parlours, there are massage services such as body slides, nude massages, Nuru massage, tantric massage, handjobs and other erotic massages all or most leading to sex. Brothels and the sex workers at such brothels can offer any type of sexual services at the discretion of the sex worker and the client.


Phone sex and cam sex can also be classified as an adult service but this is more for the imagination than physical sex. Strip clubs, gentlemen’s clubs and adult stores can also be classified as adult service venues, with the exception that they are more about entertainment than sex.

Legal Issues for Adult Services

Providing an adult service may sound like an easy high paying job to some people but there are many laws and regulations governing the adult industry. These laws and regulations are put in place to ensure the safety of the sex workers as well as the people who use their services. Sex workers and adult service providers need to be registered and are regulated by the governing bodies of each and every state. Different states have different laws and regulations so if an escort travels to another state for work, he/she must follow those laws in order to work legally.

The Need For Intimacy

Sex will always be a huge part of a person’s life, whether they admit it or not. Adult services are always available throughout Australia so if you want or need sex, you can get it anytime. All the sex you can have is just a phone call away. You can also call an escort (or two) over to any location of your choice. It’s like sex on delivery; sexy girls and sexy guys always standing by to be called over. For many people not in a relationship or in a relationship that isn’t satisfying them sexually, this can be a vital, discreet service. We all need physical intimacy, and it is important that this is recognised. Whatever the case may be, prostitution and other adult services are one of the oldest professions in the world and will still be in operation for many years to come. Why not get in on some of that action?

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